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Defence Food Research Laboratory

Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) came into existence on December 28,1961 under the guidance of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Ministry Of Defence and the Government of India. It is located in Mysore mainly to cater the different food to Indian Army, Navy and Airforce and other paramilitary forces. DFRL troops strive hard and often operate in far-flung dislocated landscapes in nasty whether where the normal cooking is also very difficult to be done. The R & D Efforts at the DRFL aims at designing, packing and providing lightweight rations to the Army, Navy and Airforce.
DFRL is the only Laboratory which is exclusively concerned with the Research and Development of Food Science and Technology for the Defence Forces. DFRL from its dedicated efforts of its scientists and technologists, over the last 50 years has been able to conserve, preserve, stabilize, design, fabricate and engineer a vast variety of food products which are not only consumable under all climatic condition but also delivers adequate maximum nutrition and energy for the well-being of people. DFRL can be evaluated as the pioneer in convenience of food and packed ration developments in India. The present Director of DFRL is A.S.Bawa.

Areas of Work:

  •  Research and Development in Food-Science and Technology.
  •  Development of packed rations, and their quality assurance methods.
  •  Preservation and Packing of perishable products for long distance travelling.
  •  Production and supply of processed food to the paramilitary forces.
  • Evaluation of nutritional requirements of troops deployed under varied climatic conditions.
  • Studies in the development of preservation of food products, food safety, food packaging and studies in the safety of processed foods.

Developed by the dedicated work of scientists of DFRL are:

  • High Pressure Processing.
  • Micronization.
  • Smart Reactor.
  • Pulsed Electric Field Processing.
  • Cold Shock Dehydration Technology.
  • Pneumatic Drying Technology.
  • Flaking Technology.
  • Stack Encapsulation Technology.

Some of the Ready to Eat Foods by DFRL:

  • Puff and Serve Chapatis.
  • Nutri Food Bar.
  • Cashewnut Barfi.
  • Canned Upma.
  • Canned Avial.
  • Vegetable Halwa.
  • Fruit Juice (Preserved).
  • Stuffed Mutton Rolls.
  • Frozen Chicken Shreds.
  • Emergency / Survival Bar.